It was the day of the 7 numbers across Europe, from the western end to the eastern end and both are constantly reminded of their sex affair. Let’s focus on the Mediterranean number 7 that defeated Bnei Sakhnin yesterday, a quarter of a minute into injury time, with a perfect ball on the left foot for the irons, as they would say in our neighborhood.

Focusing on the shocking affair from a year and a half ago does not impress Noble Omar. He Sisyphean digs, despite the background noise, the tunnel for his private freedom. The phrase “he is a great player, but…” does not bother him, does not make him come out in an excited voice and apologize to the girls, does not stop him from threading spectacular victory goals in difficult minutes or Maccabi Haifa gnawing at deafening noise of tens of thousands of Maccabi Tel Aviv fans at the top of football The Israeli.

Noble, and that is what they would say in our neighborhood, where everyone is cut. He will not be arrested, no case will be opened against him, it is doubtful if he will sincerely apologize and it is doubtful if he will stop playing football and more at such a level. So there are two options: either we let it go, or we continue to drip a drop of baby oil into his ear every day, which will hurt him. I choose to move on.

Message to critics, and also to Rotensteiner. noble | Danny Maron

Noble is the best football player who plays in Israel today. It’s absolute, no argument. The fact that he gets fragments of minutes in the defeat to Denmark out of three team games in six days, only indicates that Willy Rotensteiner chose to try and delete one affair (Dabour), and may focus in the future on the other affair, because when it comes to football, Noble should be a team player, or at least The first spare.

If we move the stain, Noble makes Maccabi Haifa wrong and win. Bnei Sakhnin with Kabha and especially Kiel in the link, is a deadly group. Add Bershetsky, a teacher, Guy Melamed and Raz Stein, and this is a team that will replace MS Ashdod this season as the official refresher, because it has nothing to fear, and it also proved it yesterday. Sakhnin exposed Maccabi Haifa’s defense naked and more than once. It is to be hoped for Haifa that Ofri Arad will recover from his ordeal in recent weeks, because without him this group is vulnerable. We saw it in the qualifiers of the European factories, and it can be seen in the league as well.

The penalty that Daniel Bar gave against Jaber was completely justified even though both teams could have showered and warmed up again while the referee tried to read a screen. Jaber kicked the soles of David’s shoe and testified. If we add Kevin Freiter’s super justified exclusion, we can say that for every puzzling VAR decision there are 100 decisions that save judges, even if they don’t save ankles. The health of the players first and foremost.

Maccabi Tel Aviv player Gabi Kanikovsky
More Israelovich than Berkowitz. Gabi Knikowski | Liron Moldovan

Maccabi Tel Aviv does not have its own noble Omar. She gave it up. Values ​​and that. She sold Yonatan Cohen to Pisa and she does not have Yonatan Cohen either. She also does not have a Peretz generation. I wonder if she has any ambitions at all. I mean, she definitely brought in players in that window, but not in June, not in July, but in late August.early September. When all the teams start to connect, Maccabi Tel Aviv makes changes in the lineup. It will connect in October, maybe a little into November. Until then even Winner’s relationship ahead of the derby will seem balanced, and even a word about the green giant that will be somewhere beyond sight.

Gabi Kanikovsky is not noble. He is a wonderful actor, fun to watch, he has moments that he reminds a little of Eyal Berkovich, but his meaning at this stage is that of Gijermo Israelovich. Kanikowski played most of his career in teams that did not compete for a championship at best, or struggled against relegation at worst. Kanikowski is a great player for a passing game. He will give a ball on 50 yards and join, but in moving the ball, in a standing game, in front of defensive teams, many questions will be asked about his cracking ability. It will take him time to adapt, to make the adjustments, less time than it will take for Kartsev and Gigagon to adapt in Netanya. And if we have already mentioned Peretz, the main thing is that Maccabi Tel Aviv gave up Kartzev for another Dan Bitton.

Maccabi Tel Aviv is stuck on Van Leven’s 3.3.4, the whole association is stuck with this lineup. There is no flexibility, zero versatility. Players in the youth department come into play with the numbers of their positions on the shirts. Opponents not only know what they are facing, they know who they are facing. One like Guy Luzon, who has been coaching for 20 years, from the age of 26, preparing for games like this. If they say in Petah Tikva that they missed a victory, we will believe them. Maccabi Tel Aviv was defeated in Sakhnin, embarrassed against the Luzons, next week Maccabi Haifa followed by Turner and his band. The lottery is difficult. When this hell is over we will start talking, with or without Van Leven.

Itzik Nisnov, one of the owners of Hapoel Tel Aviv
These are the same owners, what to do. Itzik Nisnov | Ariel Shalom

Do not conclude a season after two rounds and there is no meaning to Hapoel Tel Aviv’s temporary first place for the rest of the league, but it must be said with confidence: Hapoel Tel Aviv will be a top playoff team this season, there can be nothing else with such a staff. The team works, plays, gets into situations, usually misses but gets into a lot of situations. This is the mentality of a top team, it has players for a top team (probably in Israel), and it has a bench for a top team. So for the information of the fan “Danny Golfitech”, you will start working on the score for Europe. And renew a passport as well.

There is some dissonance here that confuses some of the team fans. Anyone who is against the owner and wants to replace them, has a hard time turning his skin. These are the same owners, what to do. The reinforcement they brought in January was enough for survival. They did not expect to have such an expensive staff, and they deepened it, even without Omri Altman. Will they be released in January when they secure their place in the league? This is at most a conspiracy. Hapoel Tel Aviv looks good, works well, scores excellent points, and if there is also some joy for Eid about what is happening beyond Ayalon routes, then in addition to the fans another holiday for the Tishrei holidays. What will happen after the holidays?

Raymond Atfeld, coach of Maccabi Netanya
Another may lower the Netanya League. Raymond Atfeld | Bernie Ardov

Van Leven brought Raymond Atfeld to Israel a few years ago. Maccabi Netanya drew him to it. Apparently she made a mistake. Atfeld will not bring Netanya to Europe, nor did Slobo and Barda, but with him it may still be relegated. He does not suit her. He does not please her fans. The problem is that Netanya is a nature reserve. The owner is a fan and has high standards of conduct. I doubt if he can fire Atfeld and if he does, he will be asked how all the stars of Maccabi Netanya evaporated and no one else came, and everything falls on the coach.

So it is, that there are coaches who are much more successful with less quality or deep staff. Yaron Hochnaboim proved this to Netanya yesterday. Atfeld does not fit in with what is left and unfolding in Netanya, she needs a hungry Israeli coach who will commit suicide for his success, because that is his future. And if Eyal Segal wants to stay Eyal Segal, he sometimes needs to be a little more Eli Tabib.

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