Luis Hamilton claims that the “HALO”, the safety facility of Formula 1, was the one that saved his life yesterday (Sunday) in an accident he suffered during the Italian Grand Prix. The 36.year.old Hamilton, a seven.time world champion, was hit when his opponent Max Verstappen Mard.Bull entered it, and the Dutchman’s vehicle literally overtook Hamilton’s Mercedes. The “HALO” is a device made of titanium that is attached to the cab and protects the driver’s head, and today literally prevented the British from getting crushed.

“I feel very lucky today,” Hamilton said. “Thank God for the ‘halo’ that saved me, and saved my neck. I’m so grateful I’m still here. I feel blessed, someone was watching over me today.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been hit in the head by a car before – and that’s a pretty big shock for me. We take risks in this profession, but only when you experience something like that do you get the real shock, and look at life differently, how fragile everything is.“

Came out unscathed thanks to the HALO system. Hamilton | Reuters

Ironically, Hamilton was quite skeptical at first regarding the “HALO” safety facility and called it the “ugliest change” in the history of the sport, but began to change his mind with the launch of the facility in a round three years ago. “The halo definitely saved Lewis’ life today,” added Mercedes team manager Toto Wolf. “Without it, it could have been a terrible accident that I don’t even want to think about.“

The incident occurred in the 26th round out of 53 in Monza. Verstappen tried to overtake Hamilton, the two were pushed to the sidelines, a Red Bull driver lost control and the rear right wheel literally crushed the top of Hamilton’s Mercedes. Verstappen was blamed for the incident by the tour executives and was given a drop for the next race – the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi on September 26.

The 23.year.old Verstappen insists it was not just his fault, writing on Twitter: “Today was very unfortunate. The incident could have been avoided if I had enough space left to make the round. You need two people to make it happen, and I feel I was pushed for it. In racing it In the face of that, these things can happen, unfortunately. “

Max Verstappen's car surpasses Lewis Hamilton's Formula One car
Max Verstappen’s car surpasses Lewis Hamilton’s Formula One car | Reuters

This is the second time the two drivers have collided in the 2021 season, when Hamilton was to blame for the incident at Silverstone, which left Verstappen out of the race. Hamilton was given a 10.second penalty, but still managed to win the British Grand Prix, while Verstappen was forced to receive hospital treatment.

Verstappen, who has never won a Formula One world title, leads by 5 points over Hamilton in the drivers’ rankings after 14 of 22 races.

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