Djokovic: Heavy defeat, but I have to be satisfied with the year (VIDEO)

The best tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic, said that he was below his level in the final of the US Open, that Danil Medvedev deserved the trophy and pointed out that despite the defeat, he must be satisfied this year.

“There are a lot of different emotions. What I said at the ceremony, I really think so. Part of me is, of course, sad. It’s hard to swallow this defeat, given what was at stake. But on the other hand, here in New York I felt something I have never felt in my life, “Djokovic said at a press conference after the final.

Djokovic failed to win the title at the US Open last night, as he lost in the final to the second tennis player in the world, the Russian Danilo Medvedev, after three sets, 4: 6, 4: 6, 4: 6.

The Serbian tennis player stated that the audience in New York made him feel special.

“They pleasantly surprised me. I didn’t expect anything, but the amount of support, energy and love I received from the audience is something I will remember forever. That’s why I cried towards the end. Emotions, energy was so strong. Strong as winning 21 “Grand Slam. Honestly, that’s how I felt. Very, very special. Yes, it was wonderful,” said Djokovic.

He said that Medvedev, who won his first Grand Slam, went out on the field very decisively.

“It felt like he was at the highest level in every shot. He knew what to do tactically, he did it perfectly. On the other hand, I was below my level of play. My legs wouldn’t listen to me. I tried, I gave everything I could. I made a lot of unforced errors, I almost didn’t have a serve, “said Djokovic.

“If you play against someone like Medvedev, who scores so well, aces, has a lot of easy points on the first serve, you constantly feel the pressure on your serve, To be honest, I was below everything in the game. So, one of those bad days, unfortunately “, he added.

The journalists reminded him that after the final of Roland Garros against Stefanos Cicipas, he said that after 0: 2 he felt that he could reach the match with one break, and asked if he had such a feeling now.

“It was different because my feeling on the field was not as good as the one in Paris. I was slow. The beginning of the second set was a turning point. A few break points, it was 0:40, one shot — I was close. Who he knows what the trajectory of the match would have been if I had reached the break early in the second set. With the support of the audience, I might have felt different, “said Djokovic.

He reiterated that Medvedev was great and congratulated him on his mentality, approach and game.

“He was absolutely a better player and he deserved to win, no doubt. Of course I’m disappointed with the game as a whole, I could and should have done better, but this is a sport. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It’s a hard defeat, very hard. But , at the same time I am happy for him because he is a really good guy and he deserves it. Really “, said Djokovic.

Asked whether the previous matches had exhausted him, whether it had an impact on the finals, Djokovic said that it was possible.

“I had more hours on the field than Danilo. But this was a very and emotionally very demanding period for me, in the last five or six months. Grand Slams, the Olympic Games, playing at home in Belgrade. Everything came together. Unfortunately, I didn’t. made that final step, but when the line is drawn, I have to be happy with the year. Three slams and finals, “he said.

Djokovic said that in recent years he has been clear about his goals, and that is that he wants to play his best tennis at the Grand Slams.

“I’m succeeding in that. I’m left without a single title, but I have to be proud of everything that the team and I have achieved. In tennis, we quickly learn to turn a new page. There will be more challenges soon. I learned how to overcome defeats like this, those which hurt the most, “Djokovic said.

“I will try to learn lessons from that, to be stronger, to continue. I still love this sport and I feel good on the court. As long as there is motivation and that feeling, I will continue,” the Serbian tennis player added.

When asked what he felt after the final, Djokovic said he was relieved.

“I was happy that it was over because of everything that preceded the tournament and everything mental, emotional that I had to deal with through the competition the last few weeks, it was too much. I was glad that the race was finally over. At the same time I am sad, disappointed , but also grateful to the audience for that special moment they created for me on the field “, he concluded.

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