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The appointment of Guy Goodes as the new coach of the Israeli national team, which was announced yesterday in Walla! Sports, became official today (Tuesday) after being approved by the professional committee of the Basketball Association. The Maccabi Rishon Lezion coach, who will continue in his position at the same time, will replace Oded Katash and will make his debut in about two months, at the opening of the World Cup qualifiers.

“I’m happy for the appointment, for the great respect I have been given, for the privilege and the appreciation,” Goodes said after the approval was given. “This is a very emotional moment for me, as a former player of the Israeli team, from the youngest teams to the seniors. I am aware of the great challenge and commitment that awaits me. I will do everything possible or necessary to help the team succeed. I want to thank the union leaders, Fruit that they gave their approval without hesitation. “

Israel national team coach Oded Katash
Young the team, succeeded and won a ticket, but leaves in the middle of the campaign. Oded Katash | Official website, the official website of FIBA

Goodes (50) is the sixth player in the history of the team to be appointed national coach, after Shimon (Chinga) Shelach, the late Ralph Klein, the late Eliyahu Amiel, Avraham Hemo and Katsch. He has appeared in 64 international matches and played in two European Championships, and previously coached the reserve team and also served as assistant coach of the UK national team at EuroBasket 2013.

The team will play in the next season in the Mondobasket qualifiers, and in a year’s time it will go to the European Championships in Prague, where it will meet Finland, the Netherlands, Serbia, Poland and the host Czech Republic, which is coached by Nano Ginzburg. “We are facing a very significant year with two completely different and very large missions, which have mixed with each other because of the corona crisis,” Goodes said. “There is a lot of quality in the current team, and we have seen in recent years under Oded that the team has gone through a beautiful process that we want to continue.“

Katsch successfully completes his term, but with a sour taste. He led the rejuvenation process, marching the blue.and.whites to Eurobasket, but his contract expires before he has time to complete the campaign. After leaving Panathinaikos, the obstacle to completing the mission in 2022 was apparently removed, but the relationship between him and some of the heads of the basketball association ran aground and led to their decision to part ways with him. A year and a half ago, with the outbreak of the plague, Katsch was released to the IDF and in response filed a lawsuit against the union.

The chairman of the professional committee, Amos Frishman: “I am glad that the professional committee accepted my recommendation. Guy is a worthy coach, who has proven himself in recent years, in which he has become a great player and an excellent coach, and he can continue to lead the team to achievements. I want to thank Oded Katash and the whole team for the amazing work they have done for four years and brought the team to the goals we set. “

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