The FC Barcelona coach, Ronald Koeman, has been convinced that when they have “all the players available” they will be able to “aspire to much more”, and has affirmed that in the face of the casualties they have tried to do “the maximum within the possibilities” on his bitter Champions League debut against Bayern Munich (0-3).

“In attack we lack people, they have to spend two or three weeks to have more possibilities up. We have tried to do the maximum within the possibilities and people have recognized it. In the second half we have changed and the young people have entered, who are going to have a great future. Today there is a difference, you have to be patient. If we have all the players available in their best physique we can aspire to much more, “he declared at a press conference.

In this sense, he acknowledged that “there are things” that he “likes about this team.” “I do not want to look for excuses, but everyone knows perfectly what was available, especially in the attack part. It is difficult to play against a team like Bayern, which squeezes. There is a lot of quality among injured players. You have to accept what there and work, “he said.

“You have to recognize who you are playing against. To hurt a team like Bayern Munich you have to be very well, physically well and have all the players available. If someone knows football, you have to know how to recognize that the other team is better. I’m a little tired of always talking about the same thing, because in three or four weeks the team will be totally different. Things are missing and it has been seen in today’s game, “he continued.

In addition, the Dutch coach stressed that “Bayern is one of the candidates to win this tournament.” “We started the game well, it took us a lot to get to the top because we lacked speed. Little by little we got into trouble, and we were unlucky with the first goal against, which changed the game a bit. In the second half, they proved to be nowadays better than us. We have put young people to have enough energy to be able to compete, but we went down “, he analyzed.

“We have tried to make an approach trying to stop his game a little. It was good in the first half, but there was a difference in the physical; there were players like Jordi Alba, who was very tired at the end of the game, for Luuk de Jong it was his first match, Coutinho had his first minutes … “, he continued.

In another vein, he was convinced that the leadership’s trust in him “does not depend on a party.” “I can not do anything with the opinions of the people. We are improving things, we lack people. If there is a problem with the president, we talk about it. We both want the best for the club. I want to put this issue aside, I always have to answer questions about the president or about me. People know the situation of Barcelona today, “he stressed.

Finally, Koeman regretted the whistles of the fans to Sergi Roberto. “I never like the public to whistle at a player. All the players have tried to do their best. Sergi Roberto has been playing in a position where, if all the players were available, he would not be playing. You have to understand it and defend the player. player, “he concluded.

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