Three weeks before the start of the season in the Premier League, and two weeks before they hit the floor in Estonia in the European Cup qualifiers, Nes Ziona are on their way to a revolution in the squad. The Oranges, who were defeated in their two preparatory games against Hapoel Holon and also disbanded in the eighth game of the Winner’s Cup against Hapoel Tel Aviv on Tuesday (Monday), have already released chin Kenny Watan who suffered an injury and are expected to make further changes very soon.

Ness Ziona are interested in releasing at least two more foreigners – Carvin Roach will be the first and at least one of Ike Wamu and Matt Farrell. The only one whose position is stable at this stage is Tim Suarez, who also did not impress in the game against Hapoel Tel Aviv. The team is working around the clock to land players in Israel as early as next week, with one of the candidates to arrive is Frank Bartley, a player from Bucken Bears, who had contacts with the Oranges during the summer. The US Guard has signed a temporary contract in Denmark that expires next week, and it may land in the heart of the colony.

Will he leave too? Matt Pearl | Danny Maron

Ness Ziona, the European Cup champion for those who managed to forget, will play in the European Cup qualifiers in a bubble in Estonia, and will have to win two games to enter the home stage. The first match will be played on September 29 against the winner between Hungarian Shedek and Skopje from Macedonia.

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