Did you say congratulations to Hapoel Beer Sheva player David Keltins, who celebrated his 26th birthday four days ago? It must have warmed the heart of the Jerusalemite, who had not waited for anyone this year and decided to indulge himself in a big way- Keltins, a die-hard fan of the Canadian-American entrepreneur, engineer and industrial designer, Ayalon Musk, bought himself a Model 3 Tesla- This pleasure is worth about NIS 200,000 – which is before the assumption that he may have received the connection similar to the best footballers in our country-

“A birthday present I ordered for myself ahead of time,” Keltins wrote, posting a video of him driving his new car- In addition, he shared a photo of the glittering vehicle, tagged Musk who is considered the second richest man in the world, and wrote to him: “I love you-” The footballer’s new car is completely electric in case you were unfamiliar with Tesla’s amazing product, which means Keltins will never have to visit a gas station again- It has two independent engines and is considered the vehicle with the most agile acceleration- Model 3 Performance comes with the option of dual propulsion, 20 Überturbine wheels, with Performance brakes and lower suspension for complete control, in all weather conditions-

In addition, a carbon fiber spoiler that improves stability at high speeds, all of which allow the 3 Model Performance to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3-3 seconds- The interior of the vehicle is unlike any other car- You can use your smartphone as a key , And access all the driver controls from the main touchscreen in size 15- The full glass roof extends from front to back and creates a feeling of openness from every seat- Not just his partner, Yael Gold who uploaded the video, wrote: luckily!

An equal gift for age 26- David Keltins has renewed | Screen, Instagram

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