Five years have passed since OJ Mayo, who was selected third in the 2008 draft, was suspended for two years by the NBA due to drug use. The guard has not been able to make his way back to the best league in the world, and after wandering between Puerto Rico, Taiwan and China, the guard first arrives in Europe after signing a one.season contract today (Monday) in the Onyx Kazan uniform, which will play in the Euroleague this year.

As mentioned, the 33.year.old Mayo was selected third in the 2008 draft by the Memphis Grizzlies, from which he moved to the Dallas Mavericks in 2012. A year later the guard moved from Texas to the Milwaukee Bucks, where he played until 2016, when he was suspended by the league after violating its regulations regarding drug use. His suspension ended before the start of the 2018/19 season, but since then no team in the league has given him the opportunity.

Coming to the Euroleague for the first time. or. Jay Mayo | Imagebank GettyImages

The veteran guard is now joining the new club in the Euroleague, after the Russians finished last season as runners.up in both the VTB League and the EuroCup. The American who joined Valimir Prasovic’s team will collaborate with some intriguing players such as Lorenzo Brown, Mario Hazonia and Andrei Vorontsevich.

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