` – She has just ‘graduated’ Italian champion of saber in Cassino- Rossella Gregorio, 30, from Salerno, is among the 24 Azzurri who will represent the Italy of the fencing at the Toky Olympicsor, and which will be on the platform from 24 July to 1 August-

For the first time in Olympic history, the tricolor will be present in all 12 specialty competitions, six individual and as many in teams

In the shadow of the Castles

Gregory, who his blade put it at the service of the Carabinieri, was born in the Salerno Fencing Club under the guidance of maestro Antonio Serra, and remained there until she was 21 years old- Now he is registered in Frascati, with the coach Lucio Landi-

The one for Tokyo “is a somewhat anomalous and very hard preparation – he tells ` – because it is the first time in my life that I have only done two races in a year- But I think that’s the case for a lot of other athletes- The races are very important to see the condition and the things to hone- Therefore, it is tiring and stressful because the preparation is much more focused on intense training- “For her to face first the individual, then the team competition with Irene Vecchi, Martina Criscio and Michela Battiston in his second time since his mocking fourth place team in 2016 in Rio-

“A different preparation”

“I arrive at the Olympics with a certainly different preparation, but I do not think it is a non-fruitful preparation – explains Gregorio – for us athletes the race is always better because it is also a way to confirm that things are going well or badly- Instead, now, you have to feel it with training, but I am quite confident that the work we are doing is equally good“- His goal is clear:”Winning medals“-

“Sure, the team one could be among the most eligible candidates because we are a team that is currently number two in the ranking, a team that has almost always been on the podium – he reasons – the numbers are in our favor- For the individual, however, what I hope is to have a slightly more mature performance– Rio was an Olympics of the debut, of emotion, which is perhaps the most difficult part to manage when going to such an important event- The audience present for you creates a load for you- From this Olympics I expect to have the serenity and freedom to give my best“-

Pride for the weapon

To belong to the weapon, “is an honor and a pride- I am very attached to the carabinieri, one of the best known and most successful sports groups– I am happy to be part of it- Then, it is a very competent group in the saber- Not surprisingly, my trainer and my teacher are carabinieri- It is a group that knows how to be close to the needs of athletes- And it’s not a foregone conclusion “-

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