Swimming coach Ehud Segal has been appointed sports director of the swimming association after his appointment was approved by the association’s management, and he will take up the post immediately. Segal has served for the past three years as the coach of the Center of Excellence of the Swimming Association at the Wingate Institute and as the assistant coach of the Israeli national team, and in his resume he has two Olympic games as a coach, in Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020.

Even before that, he was a member of the Israeli national team, who represented the team in two world championships and three European championships and was the Israeli champion and partner in the Israeli records in messenger anointings. In his new role, he will be responsible, among other things, for formulating and implementing the professional programs, for the projects of the youth teams in the union, for the Center of Excellence at the Wingate Institute, for accompanying associations and for setting professional criteria for the various tasks. He will also continue to coach the Israeli national team in the various international missions.

| Danny Maron

Swimming Association Chairman Mickey Halika said: “I am very pleased with the appointment of Ehud to the new position. Ehud is one of the significant screws in the success of Israeli swimming in recent years and I am confident that there will be an even more significant screw in the role of sports director. He is a professional at the highest level and I believe that the cooperation between him and all the coaches in the country, as well as with the super consultant David Marsh, will bring many successes to Israeli swimming. ”

Ehud Segal said after the appointment: “It is a great honor for me to enter the position of sports director of the Swimming Association. As someone who has been in the system for several years, I feel I understand the gaps this position can fill. For several years now I have been giving my all for Israeli swimming .

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