The game exploded, hooligans attacked the referees and set fire to their vehicle

A huge mound in Bosnia. Last night (Tuesday) the tenth round of the local league took place, but the big story is not even that a game between Valjester Mostar and Borach was blown up in the 81st minute, but that just an hour after the game the referees were attacked and the vehicle was set on fire by a burning torch. Into it.

The incident began when Chief Justice Sabriya Topalovic whistled only at the end of the second half to end the confrontation as the local crowd burst onto the pitch and hit Borach’s attacking player, Yubo Lukic, immediately after the guest took a double advantage – according to the local crowd. Which for them was a misjudgment that caused the double delay.

Following the attack on the player, Topalovic whistled for the end of the match and even then it was clear that Borac would win a technical victory, but the most difficult and worst event occurred only a short time later: according to reports in Bosnia, five fans In them and eventually a burning torch was thrown into the vehicle.

It was also reported that the judges were rushed to a nearby hospital following the hooligan attack, with one of them hospitalized. According to local police, the chase for the suspects in the act is still in progress: “At 23:45, on the M.17 main road, a golf cart overtook the Mercedes in which the Football Association referees were and into it a torch was thrown which led to its burning,” it was reported.

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