Partizan football coach Aleksandar Stanojevic said today that the decision to postpone the match between Red Star and Vozdovac was scandalous due to the players’ illness and stated that the regularity of the Super League was endangered. “Matches after the derby are very difficult, we have a lot of injured and tired players “Alibi or a way to avoid the game. I am disappointed with the events, it is scandalous that matches are postponed like this. How can someone not announce and say how and why matches are postponed. It is irregular and does not put us all on an equal footing,” he said. Stanojevic was at a press conference in Belgrade.

Stanojevic was thinking of the match between Zvezda and Vozdovac, which was supposed to be played on Thursday, but Zvezda asked for a postponement due to several sick players. Due to the player’s illness, two games that were supposed to be played on Tuesday, Radnik TSC and Radnički Metalac, were postponed.

The coach of Partizan was extremely angry and said that such decisions call into question the regularity of the competition.

“We are tired, and we should play in Lucani where we didn’t win for a long time, after that Spartak, then Europe, it is extremely difficult. You have a situation where Zvezda postpones its game, I believe it has two, three sick people, but they have a roster of 30 players “We have 20 times bigger budgets than our opponents, we can’t postpone a couple of players due to illness,” he said.

“You put us in an unequal position, that Metalac, Voždovac with their roster have to play on Wednesday, Saturday, that is irregular. And after that Zvezda travels to Novi Pazar without an audience, and that Pazar will play a game three days before that. “We know very well what that means. We also have the sick and injured and it does not occur to me to send them to a school doctor to get confirmation that they have the virus,” he added.

The coach of Partizan said that the events were scandalous.

“Someone has to say that or the president of the commission who is a member of the Zvezda board will decide on the postponement. Well, we are not all here because of Zvezda, you can understand that once. I guess we have the right to work, we do some work, we try, we ask.” he said.

Stanojevic reminded that in the previous months he spoke positively about the national team, the regularity of the league, about the derby and that the atmosphere was positive.

“The derby was a real sport with a good and positive atmosphere and then we get into a situation where someone underestimates us, now there is talk of a title. What are you talking about, we are running away from Zvezda two points right now, we want to fight. “Is there anyone to say something? Afterwards, you are surprised that Partizan fans have some dissatisfaction,” Stanojevic said.

He reminded that he had eight patients before the match with Zvezda Kairat, but that Uefa did not postpone the match because of that. He added that Partizan recently postponed its championship match, after Zvezda and Cukaricki, because it was in the interest of Serbian football, even though the black and whites were against it.

“What is the interest now? Two have diarrhea, three have a fever. You put us in a situation where we doubt the institutions and do this job. Is it possible that they can’t play the game because of the virus? Metalac can play with 14 players for three days. “And Pazar should be tired of playing. Is it regular or everything is already known here or it is known who will be the champion and what will happen,” he asked.

“Let us fight sports, if not, go for 10 points, play your league and do your interesting things. This is rudeness, I don’t know why I do this job, I won’t even work here. Afterwards you wonder what the coach wants to do. The journalists will not write, and you know that they will be ready in two days, but they are already in the training process, “he added.

Partizan will play against Mladost in Lucani on Thursday at 5:50 PM, the game of the 10th round of the Super League.

“And now I need to talk about the game, how we are going to play. I don’t want to say anything, there is no point in putting us in an unequal position. Scandal what are you doing to us, let us play football. The last two derbies were equal, championship regular, everything great, what are you touching us with some diarrhea and diseases now and making fun of the league “, he stated.

“You want the fans to be positive, I will not be the first. I will not answer. Here are six of us, I cannot go to Lucani, Pantic, neither Markovic nor Scekic and five other players, so what can I do,” said Stanojevic and left the press hall.

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