Hannover 96: Friday he gets to know Stefan Leitl.  What will become of Gaël Ondoua?  – 2nd Bundesliga

“I prefer it smaller and more compact.” Stefan Leitl (44) announced that he still wants to shrink his huge squad. But instead of less, the new 96 coach now gets a “new” player.

Shortly before the start of the training camp on Monday, Gaël Ondoua (26) joins Hannover 96. The Cameroonian with a Russian passport had two and a half weeks of special leave because of international matches, is expected with the Reds on Friday – and is getting to know his new coach. Might just be a short-lived pleasure for both parties…

What will become of Ondoua?

The midfield clearer came to the Reds from Geneva (Switzerland) just ten months ago. Ex-coach Jan Zimmermann was certain of his commitment: “He will be a great asset for us.” Ondoua was unable to provide proof last season.

This is one of the reasons why the Reds bought the important six position in front of the defense. With Fabian Kunze (24/Bielefeld) and Eric Uhlmann (19/Leipzig) came two newcomers who have made a good impression so far. Max Besuschkow (25/Regensburg) and Tim Walbrecht (20) could also take on the clearing job on a temporary basis.

No place for Ondoua!

They don’t say that so clearly with the Reds. But the Cameroonian, who has a contract until 2023, does not have total confidence, as the new signings show.

His first 96 season was too unstable for that, despite many missions. Due to the late change at the end of August, Ondoua only celebrated his debut on the 6th matchday (1-0 against St. Pauli). This is followed by 29 of 31 possible games in the league and in the cup. But the clearer was rarely able to really convince. Often erratic to the rear, too little to the front (zero goal participation).

The hope of the Reds: As a current national player, Ondoua is in the “shop window”. Cameroon has also qualified for the Winter World Cup. If there are no offers now, then maybe in January. 96 is definitely ready to talk.

Ondoua joins the Reds on Friday and goes to the training camp on Monday. Because what Leitl said when he took office also applies to him: “I want to get to know all the players, get an idea for myself.”

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