“I feel the confidence of the coach”

The Spanish team’s forward Amaiur Sarriegi disagrees that things have moved “quickly” in her case, given that it has been just over a year since her Absolute debut and that she is now about to play in the European Championship in England. However, she does acknowledge that he senses “the confidence” that coach Jorge Vilda is instilling in him, whom he still needs to “convince” to be among the 23 selected.

“I wouldn’t say that everything has moved quickly; rather, I believe that things have developed as they have for a purpose. While it is true that I sense Jorge’s assurance, tenderness, and love—all of which are crucial for a player—nothing is being done, and these days of concentration will help persuade him that I can be there “Amaiur Sarriegi stated in a conversation with Europa Press.

The Real Sociedad star “does not” feel nervous despite being young (21 years old) and possibly going on her first significant date with the Absolute. She said with a smile, “Besides, I’m not a nervous person. She claimed that as a player, “she does what she can and it is in her hands, and from that point on the decision is someone else’s.”

The Gipuzkoan recalls that the other internationals welcomed her “quite well, both on the field and off” “from the first day” that she came at a concentration. “On the field, getting along with players of this caliber is simple, but off the field, they make your life very simple in every manner. For instance, in these early days, I strive to show Salma (Paralluelo) the love and confidence she needs “Amaiur Sarriegi referred to the young Villarreal player as the “rookie” of the group.

The forward is open about how “many days” and “many training sessions” this attention will require, as well as how “the hot wave” of last week hasn’t helped either. “But the thing that weighs more than everything and is worthwhile is the European Championship, which is something that we are all focused on. Thinking about our opening match against Australia this Saturday makes everything more fun “She made a mention.


Regarding the selection bias for the European Championship, the attacker retorted, “Those are big words.” “There are a lot of favorites, and I believe there are more elite teams this year. True, the team has recently acquired media acclaim and notoriety, which speaks highly of us, but we must travel to England without considering those things and instead focus solely on our performance “He was tense.


He does not conceal the fact that they are affected by “everything that comes from outside” and “the expectations that are formed in the press, in other selections, and from people in general.” Sarriegi stated, “We must have a clear mind and be aware that we must give our best, everything else is not relevant.

The San Sebastian player bemoaned “the severe blow” of losing Jennifer Hermoso, whose experience was crucial and to whom she sent “the complete might of the group.” In the end, she admitted, “Players like her have a lot, and it shows when you see them every day, we learn a lot from them.

“The women’s section of Real Sociedad has never achieved such a high position in the League or qualified for the Champions League, so this year has been a dream come true for us. I’m pleased to have given my excitement and a grain of sand, and I’m really pleased with the season overall “He emphasized the San Sebastian team’s stellar season, even though it would cut into their vacation time. She concluded with a smile, “If it’s for this and playing in a EURO, I don’t care about the truth.

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