Anna Elendt swims to the top of the world and succeeds in doing so

The world of swimming is one that Anna Elendt “doesn’t really know her way around.” After the virtually historic victory at the World Championships in Budapest, she said as much. On Monday, she won silver in the 100-meter breaststroke event there, giving the German swimming association its first world championship medal in this distance since 1991. She is now a star in her own right.

Finally, the German squad is once more represented by a short- and medium-distance world-class athlete. The 20-year-old Hessin didn’t break the German record for the 100-meter breaststroke until the spring. Even winning the title in Budapest would have been possible with this performance. She was just five hundredths of a gold piece short. Elendt later commented, “I’m not disappointed that I lost.

After a very disappointing performance in the 200-meter breaststroke two days later, where she missed the final and “only” finished 23rd, Elendt wasn’t overly depressed. “I’ve now made five starts. It was a tad excessive, “She later stated. So that she could retaliate in the 50-meter breaststroke and maybe return to the final that evening, she intended to “sleep properly” until Friday.

Elendt was one of many relatively unnoticeable German swimmers at the Olympics in Tokyo a year ago. She couldn’t have finished higher than 13th in the 100 meters, but now she has advanced significantly. Including this year’s three German records in total and, most importantly, her youthful and daring appearance. Pink beach suit and matching fingernails are striking together.

The fact that Anna Elendt is working on her performance in a training group with 25 other athletes and has been studying sports management at the University of Texas in Austin since 2020 may also have something to do with it. Success at the World Cup appears to validate her assertion that the American way of life and her Caribbean heritage are positive influences on the German team’s culture, as recently acknowledged by sports director Christian Hansmann. She is a well-liked character because of her temperament. We’re happy to have them here “said he.

It’s unfortunate that the German public is essentially shut out of the World Championships in Budapest and that the other two silver medals by Lukas Märtens (400 meters freestyle) and Florian Wellbrock (800 meters freestyle) nearly didn’t happen.

Germany’s national broadcaster, ZDF, will only cover the finals in Berlin and will not carry any live coverage from Hungary. “It’s unfortunate. We believe it would be beneficial if our nation’s young swimmers could follow these competitions “Bernd Berkhahn, long-distance national coach, commented

At the Berlin finals, Elendt resumes.

After all, as part of the weekend’s finals, the public broadcasters will also cover the German swimming championships. Because of this, according to Berkhahn, “the importance of swimming has not been forgotten.”

Anna Elendt, whose positive outlook seems to be unbreakable these days anyway, shares that same perspective. “Anyone looking for live streaming may find them someplace. And you can catch us at the finals on Sunday in just one day. The fact that Elendt travels directly from the World Cup to Berlin to race in the 200-meter breaststroke demonstrates how essential it is for her to be seen on national television and hence in her own nation.

By Editor