Hinteregger-Aus: The best for all sides – Bundesliga

The three and a half year collaboration between Eintracht and Martin Hinteregger (29) resembled a marriage. There were highs, but also some lows. There were disputes, reconciliation, radio silence in between – and in the end, unfortunately, as so often, the divorce. It came as a surprise, but it was also in the offing.

It has been crunching between Hinti and Eintracht for a long time. The professional recently missed the great appreciation of the club. With his solo efforts he was instrumental in angering his love.

Therefore, contract termination is best for all parties. For unity, because she no longer has to worry about the defender screwing things up. And then no longer have to sanction him or possibly even throw him out in a mega row. For Hinteregger, because he can escape the pressure and required discipline of professional football, for which he is obviously not made. Otherwise, his lifestyle in the transparent professional business would have caught up with him again and again.

And the fans? Although they will miss their darling, they will always carry them in their hearts as a (Euro) legend at the sporting peak.

It will now be particularly exciting to see how Eintracht will compensate for the loss on the pitch. Despite all criticism of his behavior – a fit Martin Hinteregger was Eintracht’s best defender in recent history.

By Editor