More than it was difficult for San Menachem to get along with Brandley Kubas, it was difficult for the Dutch winger of Maccabi Tel Aviv to accept the growls directed at him when the sale of grass fell last Saturday in Bloomfield. He was substituted at the end of the second half, surprising the whole team that he edited not to finish half due to poor physical fitness, and left the field near goal 7 far from the benches. He made his way on the lines, passing by Gate 5, where he was offended when he heard Maccabi Haifa fans growling at him. When he arrived on the bench of Maccabi Tel Aviv, it was the first thing he talked about with whoever came towards him. It bothered him a lot.

Nick Blackman once said, when he heard himself growling on the pitches here, that he did not believe that in the Jewish state, football players whose skin tone is not white are growling. In one of his open conversations in Kiryat Shalom, Blackman said that he always knew how much the Jews suffered from racism and that in his darkest dreams, he could not have imagined that in the State of Israel they would growl at black actors.

Complained at the end. Kubas | Danny Maron

For the hatred that Kubas received on one side of the field, Haifa last Saturday had a great love from the other side. A love that developed from his first touch of the ball in a game against Alskart in the Conference League four days earlier, so he made his yellow uniform debut as a substitute. He was so taken aback by Maccabi Tel Aviv fans that some WhatsApp teams compared him to Avi Nemani and mentioned that since then Eran Zehavi has not been so excited about playing on the team.

Kubas stood in front of the stands thanking the players for the victory over Maccabi Haifa and tried to decipher the songs. Avi Rikan, who was standing next to him, tried to explain the lyrics to him, also of the song that has already been dedicated to him personally. One of the reasons why he chose to come to Maccabi Tel Aviv was the stories about the crowd in Israel, about the good part of it, the one that knows how to give atmosphere here in big games, the one that creates a sense of ecstasy and madness that scratches what goes on in Turkey and Greece. He was missing in the UAE and even when he played in the Netherlands, he was not part of the big clubs.

Carlos Garcia needed Jordi Cruyff to leave Spain. After the first championship of Maccabi Tel Aviv, he openly said that if he had not come to Maccabi Tel Aviv, he would have missed a big thing in his career, a struggle for titles. Where Garcia came from he had no chance of experiencing real success. He received this happiness here in Israel. He also earned more money at Maccabi Tel Aviv than at Almeria and also smiled much more. Kobas, who celebrated his 29th birthday this week, came to Maccabi Tel Aviv because they promised him that he would enjoy it, that he would experience thrills like he had not had in the Emirates. Dia Seba and Nigel Hasselbaink reinforced this and encouraged him to take the step that probably did not lower him financially either. After all, Maccabi Tel Aviv left a respectable package for his position. It was clear that on the winger, a lot of money will be laid.

Maccabi Tel Aviv players Stifa Fritza, Brandley Kubas are celebrating
Purchasing players give hope. Burglary and Kwas celebrate | Danny Maron

In one week, Maccabi Tel Aviv came out with heavy fears for high hopes, and Kobas played a big part in that. Stepa Fritza scored three goals in three games, Gabi Kanikovsky makes defense and attack almost in the same way and Dan Bitton also raised the bar, but there is something else in Maccabi Tel Aviv with Kubas on the grass, and even if it is really a start, and even if it has to be tested over time, its ease He was a hit in San Menachem, the defender of the Israeli national team, turned him in one game into a man that tens of thousands of fans will get excited every time the ball reaches him.

Kubas can lift the confidence of the whole team. He is also the one who can lower the confidence of the opposing team. Even Andre Geralds, who plays with him on the same line, opened last Saturday and has finally arrived for the season after a very bad start in previous games. If Patrick Van Leven’s headache in previous games was to choose from all the line players who have not provided stability since the start of the season, it now appears that Kubas, as long as he is healthy and fit, will be there as an anchor and upgrade anyone who plays alongside him.

Maccabi Tel Aviv player Brandley Kobas kicks Maccabi Haifa player Dolev Haziza
Miss Match within the game templates. Brandley Kubas | Danny Maron

Tonight (20:30) at Turner, Kubas will already be marked. Attach him to a more aggressive guard, maybe even doubles. If in the past Maccabi Tel Aviv brought Blackman to produce an unsuccessful reaction to Tony Wakma, and if Hapoel Beer Sheva understood that Elton Akolta will not be the Nigerian extremist that is so missed in the Negev capital, it is Kubas who has the skills to be a kind of Wakma and if that happens to Maccabi Tel Aviv, The championship will not be a bad word at all.

Even if he does not end up being the best player in the Premier League, Brandley Kubas will probably be the coolest player in our league next season. A bet that makes sense to take at such an early stage.

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