The fourth European Sports Week in Serbia, which will be held from September 23 to 30, opened today in Zrenjanin, the European City of Sports.

The European Sports Week in Serbia is organized by the EU Delegation to Serbia, in cooperation with the Olympic Committee of Serbia and the Ministry of Sports and Youth.

Sports Week began with the project “Sports Day”, the opening of the exhibition The Path of True Values, the holding of the Olympic Hour, a forum with top athletes, the presentation of sports and clubs and appropriate competitions and education,

On that occasion, Zrenjanin was visited by the President of the Olympic Committee of Serbia, Bozidar Maljkovic, the Head of Information, Communication and Media of the EU Delegation to Serbia, Paul.Henri Presse, and the Provincial Secretary for Sports and Youth, Dane Basta.

The guests were received in his office by the mayor of Zrenjanin, Simo Salapur, who handed Božidar Maljković a symbolic passport of the “European City of Sports”.

Speaking on the main town square where the Olympic playground is located, OKS President Božidar Maljković said that he was coming to Zrenjanin with special pleasure today, and that this “European Sports Week” was especially important, precisely because of the participation of children and young athletes in the activities organized. .

“You are the best part of society and we think it’s the right time for you to learn the right values, to play sports, to leave some computers and fast food, to go out in the yards and on the playgrounds and to do any sport,” he said. he.

He also said that Zrenjanin was not chosen as the European city of sports for no reason, because it is the city with the richest sports history, 24 Olympic medals.

The Mayor of Salapur thanked all the organizers and participants of the event for the beautiful picture sent to Zrenjanin Square, from the European City of Sports, at the beginning of the European Sports Week.

The representative of the EU Delegation to Serbia, Paul.Henri Presse, also addressed, as well as the winners of Olympic medals from that city, the celebrated handball player Momir Rnić and the wrestler Zurab Datunašvili.

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