Minister Hili Trooper parachuted for the first time in his life at an event of the Parachuting Association

The Minister of Culture and Sports, Hili Trooper, parachuted into the parachuting event at the airstrip in front of Masada, among other things to bring Israel the World Parachuting Championships to Israel. About 150 paratroopers participated in the event, which was attended by a trooper and MK Moshe (Kinley) Tor Paz, when the two heard reviews about the area and the activity at the airfield and then parachuted from a height of 15,000 feet.

In addition, the activities of the Israeli Skydiving Association and the preparations required to submit the candidacy to host the 2024 World Skydiving Championships were presented at the aircraft launcher in Masada.

Will he succeed in bringing the championship to Israel? Minister Hili Trooper | PR – one.time, Kobi Dobres

Hili Trooper, Minister of Culture and Sports: “I was happy to be a guest at Masada, parachute and be a partner in the effort to bring Israel the World Parachuting Championships in 2024. Our beautiful country looks especially beautiful from a bird’s eye view. It was a pleasure to look at the wonderful landscape “Our special part in the skydiving championship. Thank you to Nir Wenger, head of the Tamar Regional Council for the warm hospitality and to Ilan Dahan, chairman of the skydiving association for the invitation.”

Ilan Dahan, Chairman of the Skydiving Association: “The Israeli Skydiving Association in cooperation with the Minister of Sports, the Tamar Dead Sea Regional Council and the Economic Society met today to build a plan to bring the World Skydiving Championships to Israel in 2024. We all hope that the collaboration will bring the championship The world to Israel, from the lowest place in the world to the highest. ”

Trooper Corps
During the parachute. Minister Hili Trooper | PR – one.time, Kobi Dobres

The skydiving industry operates within the framework of the “Eilat” Association, the association for non.Olympic competitive sports. Arik Kaplan, President of the Eilat Association: “The skydiving industry is a developing and significant industry for Israeli sports, an industry that has already twice sent Israeli representatives to the” World Games “and we are convinced that they will continue to bring achievements. 2024

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