German tennis talents Niemeier and Schunk: For the time after Kerber

The woman, who in the not too distant future might be the best German tennis player, currently has three tattoos. When questioned about this, Jule Niemeier chuckles. She peels back the thin sweatshirt fabric. There are three dashes visible. A gap. again, three dashes. She says, “I share this with my two brothers. “I have three out of three strokes, the middle one has two out of three, and the oldest one out of three,” the speaker said. An article about it is followed by the phrase “perseverance,” perseverance, perseverance. “I completed that while dealing with numerous injuries and being sidelined for almost a year and a half.”

She grins and points to the absence of any additional tattoos. When she was 18, she would have discussed these body paintings—and everything else, as Jule Niemeier emphasizes—with her mother. But she genuinely want everything. Her mind and will are strong.

It can’t be a bad attitude to stick to your own course, especially if you’re a competitive athlete just starting out in your profession. Niemeier, who is 22 years old, is now hovering around the 100th spot in the global rankings, but she is on the move. If she hadn’t been experiencing back and shoulder pain, she might have been higher on the list. She only altered her serve action last year, and it now swings out considerably more and in a wide arc.

Now that Niemeier is definitely the young German tennis player who should bridge the gap if Angelique Kerber and Andrea Petkovic, both 34, finally retire, one can start to become interested in such specifics. The native of Dortmund, who is naturally always “up to date” with her favorite team, the BVB, leads a duo that SZ national coach Barbara Rittner describes as “we build on Jule and Nasti.” She also refers to Mainz’s Nastasja Schunk, 18, a left-handed pitcher who is excelling. Both have a chance to make the first 20, according to Rittner.

It may have been premature to worry that the generation that included Kerber, Petkovic, Julia Görges, and Sabine Lisicki would not be watched for years. Niemeier and Schunk come unexpectedly for the second time in a row on the biggest tennis stage possible: at a Grand Slam competition. Niemeier defeated Sloane Stephens, a past US Open champion, at the French Open where they were competing in the main draw for the first time. For her part, Schunk defeated Simona Halep at Wimbledon in 2019. Rittner wishes to attend the All England Club; however, despite strong backing from the German Tennis Association for the two, they were both infected by the Corona virus. Nevertheless, Rittner is aware that “you are in the best hands”

Christopher Kas, who has previously worked with Lisicki, Mona Barthel, and a few other athletes, is currently Niemeier’s coach. Benjamin Ebrahimzadeh, who traveled to tournaments with Kerber, is the instructor for Schunk. Although Niemeier had several successes and was regarded as quite talented early on, she claims at Wimbledon that she now understands how to categorize people very differently. “For me personally, these are two whole different worlds; just because you did well as a junior doesn’t automatically translate into success as an adult or at a high level. It is impossible to compare the level and intensity.” Niemeier is a quiet person who speaks gently, which poses a minor issue on the field. It definitely doesn’t go with my game, I think.

She prefers to play offensively, imaginatively, with slice, stop, and a forehand that has lots of motion from the wrist. She has to have “a little more self-confidence” in order to “always express that aggressiveness and be scary.” She performed well in the opening round against the Chinese Wang Xiyu, winning 6: 1, 6: 4, which marked her maiden match victory at a Grand Slam. She exclaims, “I’m just pleased that I won my first main draw match on the second try. Anett Kontaveit of Estonia, who is ranked second in the world, will be her opponent in the second round. Niemeier is anticipating “a very good game.” She appears sensible.

Niemeier is praised by Rittner: “She is tall, versatile, and possesses strong strokes and superb net play. She didn’t recognize that for a while.” Schunk, who is a part of the DTB talent team and last year made it to the Wimbledon junior final, is known for her bravery. “The large stage makes no impression on her at all. She performed effectively against Simona Halep in Paris “affirms Rittner.

Schunk also came at the news conference looking extremely dejected after the three-set loss. a promising sign She is not just trying to follow along. She won the Wimbledon qualifying round once more, and on Tuesday she faced Mihaela Buzarnescu in the first round. The 34-year-old Romanian demonstrated her expertise in the 6: 4, 6: 2 pace. This also covers variations.

However, Schunk learnt a lot again; according to Christopher Kas, “that’s what these phases are all about.” Niemeier’s eagerness and desire to learn new things excite the former dual specialist. Niemeier describes how she observed Rafael Nadal working out on her own. She remarks with her eyes beaming, “When you hear that sound of the ball coming out of his racquet, that’s very stunning.”

Both can and will undoubtedly improve their physical fitness even further. According to Niemeier, “I believe that the physical is now highly significant.” She also wants to be kinder to herself because she frequently demands too much of herself, like playing flawlessly, which she knows is unachievable. A year and a half ago, Andrea Petkovic took up the role of a mentor for Niemeier and Schunk; her loss to Viktorija Golubic on Tuesday, 4: 6, 3: 6, is also an indication that the turnover is intensifying. “That helps both of them greatly,” says Rittner. The gifted Eva Lys, 20, who was born in Kiev and now calls Hamburg home, gains as a bystander when people assist one another. Rittner has a picture of her as well.

Niemeier claims that the fact that they are the new faces of German women’s tennis and that people are now paying them closer attention does not place any pressure on them. “It truly doesn’t matter to me,” Regardless, she wants to choose her own path. similar to when tattoos were popular.

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