Before the holiday began, Miran Bouzaglo turned to 350,000 of her followers. The footballer’s wife clarified an interesting issue about which she was asked endlessly. “Every now and then I’m asked ‘how are you so attached to religion and still dressed naked?’ Olam, prays to him and always talks to him and does the 3 mitzvos that a woman is commanded to do. “

Miran added about the connection between modest dress and the values ​​she believes in: “Modesty is seen as something to do with how we dress but it is far beyond appearance. Modesty is a set of behaviors, it is internalization of qualities, good deeds, property and the like in a way that does not stand out in the environment. To be satisfied with little and most importantly – knowing the person about himself or herself without being condescending to the other. “

“Clothing does not define who we are. I think every woman should wear what she loves and makes her feel comfortable and good with herself. Each one and her boundaries. The most important thing is that we always know how to respect the choices of each and every one of us and so Maor and I educate our children to love and accept “The other, for politeness, respect, love and inclusion. To look deep into the heart of the person in front of us and not at his externality, because in the end the heart and what we have inside, is what determines,” Miran signed and received hundreds of sympathetic responses.

Miran Bouzaglo’s post | Screen, Instagram

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