Barcelona: “Like Ronaldinho, Enso Patti causes faith”

The excitement in Barcelona after Enso Patti’s goal on Sunday against Levante does not subside. The Catalan luxury club is in one of its darkest periods in the 21st century and no one hides the intense need to crown a new hero, to find someone who will symbolize hope for a good future. On this very square sits Patty.

“There are good footballers, great footballers and special footballers. All indications are that Ansu Patti belongs to the latter breed,” Xavier Munios wrote this morning (Tuesday) in El Mundo Deportivo, which is so identified with the club. “Patty and applaud him for returning to the pitches after 323 long days, but it took him 10 minutes, exactly 10 minutes, to elicit an emotional response at Camp Nou.”

Hopes on his shoulders. Patty | Imagebank GettyImages, Soccrates Images

Munios recalled the first goal of the hero who preceded Messi in Barcelona. “The effect of Patti’s goal last Saturday was similar to the effect Ronaldinho had in the early hours of September 3, 2003, when his goal against Sevilla woke up the crowd and gave them hope for the future. After five years without a title, he made Barça believe again.”

Patti is only 18, but he is not afraid to take on much of the pressure, as proved when he received the number 10 shirt. “Barcelona needed something to make them forget the depression of leaving Leo Messi and the economic crisis and now number 10 has a worthy successor. That’s the feeling at Camp Nou.” , Wrote Munius.

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