The efficiency of Emil Ruusuvuori’s opening batch eventually turned into a loss at Wimbledon – Sports

Botic Van de Zandschulpi from the Netherlands stopped making mistakes and started to score points.


Dutch Botic of the Sand Scallop showed signs of pain when Emil Rose Mountain loaded the win in the first round of 6-4 in the second round of the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

It was like a delusion when the Dutchman stood up and turned the match to victory 4-6, 6-1, 6-4, 6-4.

The match was tight, but the level difference was visible in the second round. When van de Zandschulp got his shot on the back, Rose Mountain got into constant trouble.

There were not as heavy sledgers in Ruusuvuori’s range of hits as the Dutchman’s, and if the Finnish star picked up the pace, the number of errors started to increase.

From the Sand Scallop, 26, was just a challenger level player last summer. He toured challenger tournaments but gave a glimpse of his potential by qualifying in Australia and France.

At Wimbledon a year ago, Zandschulp was looking for a boost from qualifying, and no one really knew who it was. And didn’t know after the second round loss either.

The tennis bag shook at the US Open in August. Van de Zandschulp once again eliminated the grand series of the grand slam tournament, now for the fourth time in the same year, and pressed the gas to the bottom of the quarterfinals.

Only the final winner of the tournament, Andrei Medvedev of Russia, stopped the Dutch surprise.

The challenger level changed in one intoxication to an ATP tour and he was now ranked as a player at Wimbledon.

Rose mountain said before the match that van de Zandschulp ‘s weakness could be the volatility of the game. That was it in the first installment, but no longer disturbing much since then.

Van de Zandschulp and Mount Rose are good acquaintances, even friends on an ATP tour. They have spent time together outside the field and played doubles together.

In the German Bundesliga, Mount Rose lost to van de Zandschulp last summer, but won in the Netherlands on the grass a few weeks ago. That’s when van de Zandschulp’s game broke down from the second installment onwards.

Rose mountain took one feedbreak to 3-1 in the opening round when the Dutchman snatched a double fault at the settlement point. One break was enough for the opening round, which lasted only 27 minutes.

Match started with short scores, a large number of van de Zandschulp errors and the Rosary’s accurate play. It only took 13 minutes for Ruusuvuori to lead 4-1.

Dutchman van de Zandschulp is ranked 25th on the world tennis list. The ATP ranking of Ruusuvuori is 49th.

In the second round of the match, there was a dramatic turn for Ruusuvuori.

The Dutchman eliminated all his mistakes and took 6-1 to read the batch numbers after two feed breaks, leveling the batch numbers.

The third installment also went to van de Zandschulp, as he broke the Rose Mountain feed in the first feed turn. One feed break was also enough in the fourth installment.

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