Danish basketball men close to EC ticket

The Danish basketball men still have good cards on hand in the hunt for a ticket to the European Championships.

On Thursday, Denmark won over Kosovo in the penultimate match in the qualification for the European Championships.

Kosovo was beaten in Arena Næstved by a full 105-71. This means that the three teams in Group C – Denmark, Kosovo and Norway – all have five points.

However, Kosovo does not have more matches left in the program, so it is clear that the country will end up at the bottom. It does so because you get a single point, even if you lose a match.

So both Denmark and Norway – who meet in the last match on Sunday – are sure to end up over Kosovo.

The winner on Sunday qualifies for the European Championships, while the loser must hope to end up as the best runner-up across the qualifying groups.

Denmark quickly got a good grip on Thursday’s match and was in the first period up to lead with 12 points, before the period ended 26-19.

In the second period, the Danes had a solid lead for a long time before Kosovo managed to reduce the lead to four points.

A good final sprint of Denmark towards the break, however, meant that the Danes ended the second period with a lead of ten points at 46-36.

In the third period, Denmark seriously withdrew. 46-36 became 76-53, and then it smelled great of two Danish points. So it also ended up without quite a lot of slings in the waltz.

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