The section still rubs its eyes and finds it hard to believe that whoever is responsible for the exciting moment of the current season of “VIP Winning Couple”, the network’s favorite reality show, is none other than Itzik Zohar. The former footballer along with his partner Laura Lantino reached the final trio of the game – and just before we knew who would reach the grand final, Zohar knelt down and offered his close Italian to be his forever! “Did you marry me, my love?”, He asked his partner for the past four years and she replied: “Is he serious?” The reason for Laura’s great astonishment is the fact that the offer was accepted as part of the semi-final mission and we can no longer wait to watch tonight’s episode!

In order for you to understand that this is not a dream and indeed it is a real marriage proposal, for a teaser released on Instagram of Instagram 13, the 24-year-old Italian responded and wrote “Yes it happened!”. The enthusiastic followers were happy to discover the huge surprise that Itzik prepared for Laura. Some even wrote to her that it would be very nice for her to change her name to ‘Laura Zohar’. Later, the excited fiancé also shared the post on her personal account and wrote: “In tonight’s episode I can share with you friends one of the most beautiful moments I have ever had in my life.” Aside from the fact that he shared the stories he was tagged for ahead of the episode that will air tonight (Wednesday), Zohar has yet to comment on the issue.

The 50-year-old former actor actually offered his Laura to get married last summer, almost a year ago, when there is an age gap of 25 years between them. As you may recall, Zohar was previously married and brought with his first wife his two children Gabriel and Michael, and had another daughter, to her, from another relationship he had after his divorce. Now, rest assured that his fiery Italian will want to expand the family later on – and we’re already looking forward to a wedding where the whole football world is going to shine. Good luck!

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