FC Barcelona to sign Robert Lewandowski? The transfer soap keeps going

FC Barcelona, which is in billions of dollars in debt, is confident that it will be able to spend up to €200 million on new players this summer thanks to the €207 million financial injection from a US investment group. Joan Laporta, the president of Barcelona, made this statement on Friday during a meeting with journalists that was initially classified as confidential. The SZ was subsequently confirmed by a third source, and the content of the discussion was largely extracted from the newspaper As made public. Robert Lewandowski, a striker for Bayern Munich who has publicly announced his desire to join Barça this summer, was another subject of Laporta’s comments regarding the transfer saga.

Laporta therefore acknowledged that Barcelona had bid 40 million euros for Lewandowski to Bayern Munich. Because the 40 million corresponds to the number that Lewandowski’s advisor had suggested as likely sufficient, Barça may feel good about the player’s treatment. It’s also a sizable payday for a player whose contract expires in the summer of 2019 and who will be 34 in August. the As Laporta concluded that Barça wouldn’t raise its offer. Other press conference attendees who were present claim that Laporta still has Lewandowski-related dreams, which runs counter to this assertion.

Lewandowski was just reminded by FC Bayern that he needed to show up for practice on July 12. Uli Hoeneß, honorary president, even remarked that Barcelona might “save” any additional offers. The German media then made up rumors about Lewandowski. The striker’s surroundings highlight the fact that he has consistently acted professionally throughout his career.

However, it raises fear that Bayern fans are starting to turn against the center forward. Lewandowski allegedly finds the idea of returning to Bayern unsettling. He hasn’t made any public remarks about this himself.

Separately, Laporta said that Barça was “honored” by Lewandowski’s aim, “he’s a wonderful player,” at a memorial service for the late club legend Johan Cruyff on Saturday in the Catalan town of S’Agaró near Girona. But he is a member of FC Bayern. “As one of the top clubs in the world, Bayern Munich is respected by us. Each club respects the others, “Laporta stated. He therefore wished to proceed with caution in this matter. Because of this, it was also unclear whether and how much Barcelona planned to enhance its earlier proposals.

The court Koundé and Rapinha, as well as Christensen and Kessié, are all featured in Barcelona.

The club will announce the arrivals of Andreas Christensen (Chelsea) and Franck Kessié (AC Milan) next week, Laporta added on Saturday. With the two players available for free transfers, a deal was made weeks ago. They had so far been unable to obtain a playing license due to the restrictions of the Spanish league association LFP, which has the authority to reject new signings from clubs experiencing financial difficulties.

The sale of 10% of the TV rights to US investment group Sixth Street, which FC Barcelona disclosed last Thursday and which injected reportedly 207 million euros into the Catalans’ coffers, has created a new predicament, though. By the end of July, at least one further deal of a comparable scale is anticipated to be finalized. This fuels the dream of a 200 million euro transfer budget. Jules Koundé of Sevilla FC and Rapinha of Barcelona have both expressed interest in moving to Barcelona, according to Barcelona President Laporta (Leeds United).

The additional funds have also led Laporta to move to the 25-year-old Frenkie de Jong. Laporta declared, “I’ll take all measure necessary to ensure Frenkie stays.” Given the hefty salary and high transfer fee De Jong might demand, it was thought that his sale was imminent. Another recent development involves 25-year-old Ousmane Dembélé, a former player for Dortmund. He ought to be prepared to agree to a new, lower-paying contract with Barcelona by this point.

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