The stressed Betar Jerusalem started the season lazily, but tomorrow (Saturday, 20:30, Sport4) hopes to accumulate three points against Kiryat Shmona that will lower the pressure level. Assistant coach Gal Cohen was interviewed today on Radio Jerusalem and told about the team’s preparations for the game, such as Also about the general situation at the club.

“I am new to Betar, for the first time in a position at such a powerful and large club, with a high profile. I have the privilege of working alongside Erwin Koeman, I have come to contribute to Erwin, the team and the club to make Betar better.

Cohen said of the injuries to the team: “We started the season late, there was uncertainty, budgets. Until Erwin came to Israel and we started, it took time. I even did the job interview with him in zoom. We got into things while moving and the late preparation hit us. However, we We also suffer from bad luck. Significant players are injured and in the squad where the blanket is short it is critical, but we are concentrating every time on the next game. And they will help us. “

“The energies in Ashdod were very low.” Gal Cohen | Official website, Betar Jerusalem

Regarding the game in Ashdod, the assistant coach said: “The energies in Ashdod were very low, and that was when a huge amount of spectators came from Jerusalem. To perform like this in a soft and relaxed way, is something I do not understand. I personally ask myself how we came to this ability. “We fell in energy, we did not win fights and we were not there. Before football, that’s what you bring from yourself. There we fell. I apologize to the audience and the fans who gave a great and convinced show that tomorrow we will return and be shattered for the show in Ashdod.”

On the squad in Ashdod: “Grechkin was unfit before the game, so was Herman, so they started on the bench. I will not talk about the ability of specific players, but if we talk about the first goal there were 7 Betar players inside the 16th floor. But did not save right, that’s the problem. The energies, the loss in every struggle, the lack of commitment, the attitude. This is before talent or tactical standing. If they come with a soft approach, nothing will help, and here we all fell. “

Erwin Coman home coach
Erwin Koeman, coach of Betar Jerusalem | Bernie Ardov

Cohen added: “Against Hapoel Jerusalem we played for the first time this season with a natural striker, Boachi, and that says it all. We need time to connect all this staff, even in terms of fitness. There are players who train twice a week and there is no choice, we need them in the squad. “We fell with a plague of injuries and unfit players and we pay for it. If there were no players to return I would be very worried and with negative energies like everyone else, but I know things will look better.”

Cohen added: “We are missing Degani, Kamso Mara, Aviel Zargari who did not play with us from the Toto Cup. As for Zargari, he will be on the roster tomorrow and we are much more optimistic about him, the ultimate goal is to prepare him for the games after the team break. Degani and also Kamso Mara, but even with them the entry into matters will be graded. “

On Coman’s authority, he said: “Not in every situation can you make an education series. Erwin Coman may look nice, but he knows how to make education series and put the actors in place. Erwin’s great thing is that he understands the situation and knows how to contain things, actors respect him and know there are limits. “The players really appreciate him, he himself is very optimistic and believes that the team will be better and his attitude is very healthy.”

On the inclusion of Mahias as a right.back he said: “Herman has hardly trained in the last two weeks due to a stretch so Mahyas started in a position that is not his, but if all the undefeated defenders must immediately, there is no choice, in half we fixed it and moved to three brakes, but it had no connection For the game, we fell into it with energy and attitude and I’m sure things will look different later it will not be an excuse. Missing leading players and when they come back we will be much better. So, bottom line is that I’m optimistic. “

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