Barcelona coach Ronald Kuman said today that he is “sick of having to constantly defend himself”, referring to the team’s poor results, and stated that he is still the coach of that football club.

Kuman appeared at the press conference smiling, despite speculations that he will be fired, after a series of two defeats in the Champions League and poor results in the championship.
“The club hasn’t told me anything yet. I heard that the president of the club was at the training center this morning, but I didn’t see him. We were preparing for the game and training, so I didn’t see him. But I have eyes and ears …”, he said is Kuman.

Some media reported that Kuman will be fired on Saturday night after the match with Atletico Madrid, regardless of the result.

Kuman did not want to answer the question about his relationship with the president of the club, Joan Laport.

“For now, I’m staying. I’m not the most important. A positive result is more important than a person. Everyone knows I’m here because I love the club. I agreed to come in a very complicated situation. I’m sick of having to defend myself all the time. It doesn’t make sense.” he stated.

“I will not today, but one day I will want to say everything I think about all this,” he added.

Kuman also said that there is no need to answer the question about whether he thinks that the club does not respect him.

“And what do you think? It’s not even about whether you are good or bad, for me the way they treat me is important,” said the Dutch coach.

Asked how he was feeling, Kuman replied: “Honestly, things could be better.”

When a journalist asked him about the best and worst memories in Barcelona, ​​Kuman answered: “This question, it seems that I have already left.”

“The best was when I signed and became the coach of Barcelona. And the worst moment? The departure of Lionel Messi,” said Kuman.

Barcelona will play against Athletic in Madrid on Saturday at 9 pm, and Kuman will not be on the bench due to the suspension of two games.

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