Sean Dawson Suffering full of little misfortune in recent years, quite a few injuries, and he failed to break through at Juventud in Dalona, ​​which he joined in July 2018. Today (Wednesday), after three seasons in the Spanish team, he received a release notice.

The club has issued an official announcement that Dawson has received an announcement that he is not part of the project plans for next season. “The club would like to thank the forward for his professionalism and the work he has done during the three seasons he has worn the green-and-black shirt, wishing him success in the challenges ahead.”

Dawson said goodbye on his Instagram account and wrote: “Three long seasons have come to an end. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you. Thank you to the club, to my teammates who have become my family and thank you to the people of Badalona. Thank you for supporting me for better and less good. “Sometimes not everything is under our control. My green-black family, you will be in my heart! Good luck, health and good news to everyone.”

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