The frustrated Ronaldo hurried to the dressing room, his opponent made it clear: I did not mock

Cristiano Ronaldo went down very frustrated tonight (Saturday) to the locker room after another disappointing result for Manchester United. If after some impressive games and positive energies from Cristiano’s arrival at Old Trafford, the Red Devils seemed to be candidates for the championship, then lately Solskjaer’s team is fading again, and tonight was content with 1: 1 against Everton.

The weak result comes after a 1.0 loss to West Ham in the League Cup and a 1.0 draw to Aston Villa in the previous round of the league. In the Champions League, too, United faltered, but Ronaldo scored a winning goal and set a hard and dramatic 1: 2 over Villarreal. This time the Portuguese failed to save. He started on the bench, and the crowd at Old Trafford hoped that this time too Ronaldo would do a miracle and cover up the problems, but the 36.year.old Portuguese came on in the 57th minute when his team led and did not contribute too much in his 200th Premier League appearance. “He hurried to the locker room, and went frustrated as he nodded his head in disbelief,” the nervous Portuguese wrote.

And you can understand why: his team recorded its fourth game in seven games without a win. Rio Ferdinand, the commentator and friend of Ronaldo, said: “He is disappointed. He scored 5 goals in 5 games, and wanted to continue his fitness and lead his team to victory, I understand his frustration. “9 games this season without a clean sheet is a poor balance for United.” Commentator Jermaine Janas claimed: “He scored 5 in 5 games. Do you see other coaches take out their most prolific striker? He’s 36, but why should he manage his minutes? I saw him in Euros, he played every game.” .

Solskjaer admitted he was disappointed to lose points at home. “Part of the game was really good, we started well, and you are happy when you lead 0: 1, but in the second half we failed to score the second and absorbed, it disappoints נו We allowed them some bursting attacks, we need to get better in this section, it’s the big lesson from today.”

“Sayoooooo.” Townsend | Reuters
Everton striker Andrews Townsend celebrates against United
Successfully imitated him? Townsend | Reuters

Everton player Andy Townsend hugs Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo
Made it clear to him that it was out of respect | GettyImages, Michael Regan

By the way, the one who scored the equalizer for Everton is Andrews Townsend, who celebrated Ronaldo’s goal style, with the familiar jump back and waving his hands while chanting “Saiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii “iyehhhh. Did he try to tease the Portuguese? Quite the opposite. Townsend clarified: “It’s just out of respect for the man who influenced my career. I spent many hours in training and in the video rooms trying to emulate his free kicks, and the way he devotes himself to the game. So it was not an imitation, it was a sign of respect for one of my heroes.” . On the way down to the locker room Townsend even appears to be conversing with “Alilo.”

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