The Russian national football team defeated Finland 1-0 today in St- Petersburg, in the game of the second round of Group B at the European Championship-

The only goal was scored by Alexei Miranchuk in the second minute of overtime, when he dribbled to get rid of the opponent and sent the ball to the upper left corner-

Finland scored a goal in the third minute, when the scorer was Joel Pohjapalo, but after using VAR technology, the goal was annulled due to offside-

Both teams had chances to score, Pohjapalo, Temu Puki, Paulus Ajrajuri for the Finnish team, and on the other hand, Aleksandar Golovin, Artyom Dzjuba, Daler Kuzjajev, Rifat Zhemaltedinov, failed to send the ball behind goalkeeper Lukas Hradecki-

Both teams now have three points in Group B- Belgium also has three points, which will play against Denmark, which is without points, in the second round on Thursday-

In the third round, on June 21, Russia will play against Denmark in Copenhagen, and Finland and Belgium in St- Petersburg-

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