A teacher from Niš won more than 500 cups with the football club
After recently winning the title of national football champion in the category of 11-year-old boys and third place with eight-year-old boys, the number of cups and medals won by the young players of the “Filip Filipović” football club from Niš in the past 24 years has exceeded 500.

Thanks to that figure, the football club “Filip Filipović” is one of the most successful children’s football clubs in Serbia, while the club’s coach, Srdjan Ristić, can rightfully say that he is one of the most successful domestic football coaches, and he is certainly the most successful coach among teachers.Ristić started coaching at the beginning of his teaching career, because he himself played football in different clubs in Niš and has been a favorite coach and favorite teacher for almost three decades.

Ristić told the Beta agency that the football club was preceded by the football section “Srćkovo jato”, in the school that was then called “Filip Filipović”, and now “Dušan Radović”.

“With ‘Srćkovi jata’ we competed successfully in tournaments in Nis and that’s how we came up with the idea of ​​forming a football club. We wanted to enable children from the surrounding area to play sports, but so that they could come to training on their own.” stated Ristić.

He said that he received the support of the then director of the school, and now the honorary president of FC “Filip Filipović”, Milorad Novković, who allowed the club to use the sports fields in the school yard.

“Now we have 120 boys in the club, not only from the school ‘Dušan Radović’, but from all parts of the city, but also from surrounding places, such as Prokuplje, Aleksinac and Sokobanja. The boys are from preschool age to the eighth grade of primary school,” said Ristić. , who, in addition to his teaching degree, also has a football coaching license.

According to him, during the past years, the junior football players of FC “Filip Filipović” won cups and medals in various competitions, starting from the city level, through the region of Eastern Serbia, to the national level.

Ristic said that the boys in the club must learn primarily that football is a team game and that there is no singling out individuals, and also that they must work hard to achieve good results.

“The secret of the club’s success is that the children indulge themselves in the game, above all the game with the ball. We work on their technique, motor skills and coordination, while physical preparation and the rest come later, with their physical development,” added Ristić.

Numerous boys who took their first football steps in FC “Filip Filipović” continued to play football successfully both in domestic and foreign sports clubs.

“Aleksandar Pešić was the best scorer of the Turkish championship last year, Ivan Ilić plays in Verona, his brother Luka Ilić in France, Rade Dugalić plays in the first Chinese league, and Uroš Vitas in the Emirates. Lazar Ćirković is in Hungary, Uroš Nikolić is a member of the Israeli first league team, and Nikola Stojiljković was a member of Braga,” said Ristić.

Nikola Vukadinović, one of the very successful football players as a child, continued his sports career as a coach in the club “Filip Filipović”.

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