A pitcher like Shohei Ohtani hasn’t been seen in over a hundred years

Shohei Ohtani’s curveballs are almost impossible to hit.

Baseballin In the MLB league, one name is on everyone’s lips right now: the Japanese Shohei Ohtani.

Nicknamed “Shotime”, the 28-year-old pitcher has recently been an unsolvable puzzle for even the best hitters in the world.

In his previous four games, Ohtani has not given his opponents a single responsible run (earned run), i.e. a run caused by an error by the away team.

ESPN:n in Wednesday’s game against the Miami Marlins, he became the first player in over 100 years to throw 10 shutouts in the same game (strike out), scored two runs and recorded two steals (stolen base).

MLB League posted a video on Twitter of Ohtani, who represents the Los Angeles Angels, pitching. The team knocked off the Miami Marlins, whose hitters were victims of a real pitching performance.

The reaction of the last batting player in the video says everything essential. Ohtan’s twisting passes are almost impossible to hit.

“I am completely healthy and I don’t have to worry about my body. It explains a lot why I serve so well,” Ohtani commented on his game According to the Los Angeles Times.

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