Changes in the Israel national team squad following tonight’s games (Monday). Beer Sheva goalkeeper Ariel Harush was injured in the shoulder and Daniel Peretz from Maccabi Tel Aviv was added to the squad. Hatem al.Hamid did not feel well and Iyad Abu ‘Abid was added to the squad. Noble Omar, who coach Willy Rotensteiner had planned to give minutes against Scotland, is suffering from a muscle strain and Eden Shamir has been called up in his place.

Rotensteiner, who defined the game in a week in Glasgow as the most important game of Israeli football during this period and stated that whoever wins the game between Israel and Scotland will finish second at home after Denmark in the World Cup qualifiers, will receive five training sessions with the team before the game. .

Rotensteiner will already have his first training session in Glasgow tonight and the team will stay in the city throughout the next week and every evening there will be training ahead of the game at Hampden Park on Saturday night.

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