If you too are already counting the days until the premiere episode of the new season of “” VIP Survival “, which will be broadcast on Saturday (16.10), you will be happy to find that there is a great chance that you will get an order regarding the tribes that will star on screen in the coming months. A spoiler, in which the division into tribes is supposedly revealed and we can no longer wait to see the dynamics between the 18 celebrities in the toughest game on TV.

Sweet potato wrote: “The season.opening promo of Survival was packed in every way – shouting, mud, sweat and tears and even touches of sex appeal here and there. To the black, but the most curious can continue to read and get the answer about the expected tribal compositions. ” And if an armchair sweet potato managed to be accurate, the division of tribes in the Philippines is very intriguing.

In the first tribe, a bronze medalist from the World Championships, Vered Busquila, will share the shelter with past survivors Michael Lewis and Leah Gil, along with Odelia Suissa, Dan Bolotin, Fanny Bouzaglo, the confused Yuval, Lisa Bich and Henry David. Fanny’s divorcee, Ohad Bouzaglo, will be in the second tribe along with Ella Eibinder and Maayan Ashkenazi, whose name is supposedly linked in a romantic way with both, and will be joined by Dudu Awat, actors Jonathan Bashan, Shira Farber and Kobi Maor, as well as Jackie Azoulay and big brother Gadi Penilov . How did past footballers get along with each other and did Fanny and Ohad manage to share the same tribe and reach a union? Otto we will all know.

The New Tribes, according to “Armchair Sweet Potato” | Screen, Instagram

The new tribes, according to
The new flats, according to “Armchair Sweet Potato” | Screen, Instagram

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