A provocative French reality star claimed to The Sun that the star of the French national football team had offered her 50,000 euros for an intimate night with her. Natalie Adriani, a reality star with a successful page on the Onlyfans website, although 50 years old but looks at least half a scroll and boasts a particularly hot cut, insists she was left “shocked and ashamed” by the offer of the tricolor actor.

Natalie told the French magazine Public: “I received a lot of obscene offers in my life, but never from such a famous footballer. He offered me 50,000 euros to spend one night with me. It also happened more than once, in several media events where we met – but I refused of course”. The reality star added about the identity of the cheeky footballer, claiming: “I was shocked. It would have been a shame, because I would have been proud if we had gone on a romantic date, if he had not offered me this money.”

The well.known star in France was born in Paris and will maintain a relationship with a man half her age, 25, who met on another reality show. France is determined to reveal the identity of the anonymous footballer: “Although the model with 345,000 followers on Instagram runs accounts with provocative photos on various social networks, this does not justify the abusive behavior on the part of the footballer who thinks he has the right to offer her money for the service. Really unfamiliar, “they said in a news release in France, where the issue does not make headlines.

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