As if there are not enough problems in the ATP round and in the relationship between the players and their spouses, then tonight (Friday) a news item was published in Australia about Nick Kirius. Australian police were reportedly called to a solitary confinement hotel and forced to separate rooms between Nick Kirius and his partner after a question was loudly confronted.

Kirius and his partner Kiara Pasari returned to Australia after the tennis player participated in the Labor Cup in Boston and were therefore forced to enter a hotel for the isolated in Adelaide. In this place the two confronted very loudly, which caused the police to come and intervene in matters.

“Police have identified a loud confrontation between two of the hotel’s occupants too,” the South Australian police said, “an investigation has been conducted, no details have been given about the assault and the two will spend their continued isolation in separate rooms.” Kirius’ partner posted correspondence between the two in which the tennis player wrote to her that she was toxic and offered to commit suicide. In addition, she wrote: “If the rumors told about Zebrav are true, they are very similar to Nick’s behavior.”

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