Israeli Champion Omar Goldstein He is the Israeli rider who will compete in the Tour de France in the ranks of the blue.and.white team – Israel Startup Nation. The team’s professional team decided to give him a place in the lineup where big names like Chris Fromm (the four.time column winner) and Mike Woods (the team’s leading leader for the column) will appear.

“I fulfilled a childhood dream,” said the 24.year.old rider. “As a teenager I imagined myself riding at the front of the Tour de France, in a legendary mountain section with all the masses of fans on the side of the road, running away to everyone. I don’t care if they catch me at the end or not, but I Front and giving it all.Obviously the column is a different story.The tension and pressure are different but I come with confidence.I have experienced very difficult races and I believe I have reached a level where I can handle the moment everyone around you reaches their ‘red line’ and you are still there and able to keep going. I feel ready. ”

“I’ve been waiting for this for many years, but I’m not coming to this column to finish it,” Golstein continued. This matter is already far behind us, the Israelis. First of all I come to help Mike and the team try to get a first win in the column but I also believe I will get a chance to get a personal result one day. What matters to me is ‘being in the game’ and I believe that every day I will have a task to perform. Kerim Fromm gave me advice and tips, and all in great friendship as a friend, not as someone above you. We all have a huge respect for him. He is a great fighter and I believe he will be even more surprising. “

Omar Goldstein | Bettini Photo

“Omar was chosen by right,” said the group’s chief executive Rick Warbruga– “We marked him as a candidate for the column at the beginning of the year and in all the races he participated in he proved that he is climbing forward. The special thing about Omar is that he is an ‘offensive rider’. Always six to an opportunity, always wanting to be at the center of action , But because of Omar’s diverse abilities he can do it in quite a few ways. Which is a great choice for us. “

The owner of the group Sylvan Adams: “Omar is proof that our trust and investment in Israelis – yields results. He came from our young team, academic cycling, and only got better until he became a legitimate professional rider in the World Tour, the top tier. And now our Israeli in the Tour de France with an important mission to help Mike Woods and the team achieve Victory. Come on, Omar, Israel will follow you with pride. “

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