The selector of the Serbian national football team, Dragan Stojković, said tonight that the goal is to win the match against Luxembourg, and that it is important for the national team to go step by step. “Every match is different from the previous one. You can never have two matches. “That the teams will be different. Some players will be missed by both Luxembourg and us. But what is important is that we have our goal, and we want to achieve it. And that is to win and get three new points,” Stojković said at press conference.

The Serbian national football team will play against the Luxembourg national team on Saturday, in the sixth game of the Group A qualification for the World Cup.

Serbia ranks second on the table with 11 points, two less than leading Portugal, while Luxembourg is third with six points.

Stojković added that it is important to win the first place, but that it is necessary to record all three victories in the next matches.

“Of course it’s not easy, but we will try. It is important for us to go step by step. When Luxembourg passes then we will think about Azerbaijan and then finally Portugal. So we went from the start of the drip in March, and so we will continue “, he pointed out.

The coach of Serbia assessed that the style of the national team is offensive, as well as that he believes that it is football that people want to watch.

“As a coach, I want to watch it when I’m on the bench. It’s important that our players have accepted that, and to see great satisfaction when they play the game,” he said.

He added that he is focused only on his team, but also that he knows basic information about the rival, how they play, and in which system.

“Luxembourg is no longer the same team as it was 10.15 years ago. They are a far more serious team today. Whoever realizes that it will be an easy game will have a problem with them. They made a positive progress and that is evident,” said Stojković.

Serbian football player Dušan Tadić said that in the match played in Belgrade, Serbia showed that the selection is better than Luxembourg (4: 1).

“No matter who the opponent is, we look at ourselves, we want to win every game, to show good football, for the fans to enjoy and to win,” he added.

The match between Serbia and Luxembourg is scheduled for Saturday at 20:45.

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