Rabiot tests positive and loses the final against Spain

The French international Adrien Rabiot has tested positive for coronavirus and will not be able to participate this Sunday in the final of the League of Nations against Spain in San Siro (8:45 p.m.), the French Football Federation (FFF) reported this Saturday.

“Adrien Rabiot will not be able to participate in the final of the League of Nations at 8:45 pm on Sunday against Spain. The Juventus Turin midfielder has tested positive for COVID.19,” the federative body confirmed through a statement .

In addition, the FFF noted that as soon as the test results were known, the player began a “solitary confinement”. “He will not meet in Milan with his teammates,” he said.

“For regulatory reasons”, Rabiot cannot be replaced by any other footballer, so the French coach, Didier Deschamps, will be able to count on a group of 21 players for the final against Spain.

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