The Olympic collection of the Serbian team for the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo was presented tonight at the fashion show in Belgrade-

The Serbian team will wear the equipment of the Polish brand 4F at that competition, as well as at the previous Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016-

The collection, created by a design team of 20 people, is based on the motifs and colors of Serbia, and the motifs of Japan, the host of the Olympic Games, were also used in the production- The collection consists of 80 combinations of colors and patterns, and the basic colors are inspired by the Serbian flag, so fiery red, intense blue and pure white are used-

Serbian athletes will wear four collections of ceremonial uniforms for the opening ceremony, training equipment, leisure equipment and ceremonial equipment for the medal ceremony-

One of the athletes who presented the collection is the winner of the silver medal from the Games in Rio de Janeiro, volleyball player Milena Rasic-

She stated that in this collection, a lot of attention was paid to comfort, but also to design, and that it will be a real pleasure to wear the equipment-

The winner of the gold medal from Rio, the water polo representative Nikola Jakšić, pointed out the materials from which the equipment was made-

“When you are preparing for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, you are preparing for the long journey and the specific weather conditions that will prevail- I think that this is equipment that can meet all the challenges that are ahead of us in Tokyo,” he stated-

The chief designer of the “Tokyo2020” collection, Wojciech Harus, said that when designing the equipment for the Serbian Olympians, the company’s team had in mind the special weather conditions that athletes expect in the capital of Japan-

“Athletes in Tokyo expect climatic conditions different from the ones they are used to and that is why we have carefully approached the choice of materials for making the equipment- We know that at a big event like the Olympics, every detail is important and affects the result- materials that provide comfort, both on sports fields and in free time, “he said-

The Olympic Games will be held from July 23 to August 8 in Tokyo-

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