“We have to admit. We only played because it brings more money to the UEFA.” Courtois | Reuters

Belgium goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois attacked the heads of UEFA and FIFA and claimed: “They do not care about the players, only the money in their pockets.” Belgium had to play yesterday (Sunday) against Italy in a battle for third place in the League of Nations (1: 2 for the Italians), and Courtois was angry at the heavy load on the players, who had to play an unnecessary game and of no importance or significance.

“They don’t care about the players, they only care about their pocket,” said Real Madrid goalkeeper Courtois, who once again hears plans for a World Cup once every two years, which will further increase the load on players and prevent them from resting and recovering. “It’s very bad not to talk. “And now we talk about the World Cup and the European Championships every year? When will we rest? Never.”

Courtois admitted that Belgium’s game for third place was “pointless”, saying: “It’s just a game of money, we have to admit. We played only because it brings more money to the UEFA.

“This year UEFA invented a new factory (Conference League), it’s always like that…. They can get angry when other teams want to start a Super League, but they do not care about the players, only the money.

“In the end, the good players will only get injured, and injured, and injured, that’s something we have to be careful of. We are not robots! There are more and more games and less rest, and no one cares about us. Next year there is a World Cup in November, and we have to play until the end of June. We will all be injured! “

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