Veteran MMA fighter Haim Gozli uploaded a story to his Instagram account during the night, in which he admitted that he is the well.known athlete who was reportedly arrested and detained for questioning at the Western Wall plaza in Jerusalem on suspicion of attacking security guards.

“I am not arrested and nothing,” Guzli said with the Jerusalem police station in the background. “All the articles are false, where are all these writings that regrets are written about me? Where were you when I took the world championship two days ago? You did not do a single article, but on regrets you did 200 articles. Here is the station and here I am, “.

Earlier, Gozli uploaded a video to the story in which Arab citizens are seen verbally attacking police officers, and wrote: “I would kick them in… Where is the respect for the police ?? The Israel Police it’s time to wake up and return the honor !!”.

About a week ago, Guzli recorded a victory in the Ukrainian fighting organization RFP, when he defeated 22.year.old Ilya Lupinov. It should be noted that Guzli is the owner and manager of a security company with hundreds of employees, which operated mainly in securing clubs.

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