The Jewish businessman and philanthropist Sylvan Adams Revealed today (Monday) at the tenth conference of the Jerusalem Post that he spoke with FIFA President Gianni Infantino, who is visiting Israel, about holding a regional World Cup that includes the countries that signed the “Abraham Accords”.

“Most people have a negative opinion of Israel, and that’s a threat to us. My project brings Israel, hundreds of millions of them, into their living rooms, and they see what we really are, and our true face,” Adams said, adding: “People told me “‘Wow I did not know your country is like that.’ It’s a way to change the impression.”

At the end of his remarks, Adams revealed that FIFA is considering holding a regional World Cup, in which Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain will take part. “I am going to give you a scoop on the next project. “We were privileged to have the president of FIFA and we are talking about maybe hosting the regional World Cup in 2030 with our new partners from the Abrahamic agreements. We need partners, I need partners.”

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