The golden moment of Lorenzo Lucca

Golden moment for Lorenzo Lucca, Pisa striker also protagonist with the Italy Under 21 shirt in the unfortunate draw with Sweden. Without shining, the bomber from Moncalieri in the 41st scored his first blue goal with a split in flight on a cross from Rovella.

The class of 2000, absolute driver of the Tuscan team at the top of the Serie B standings, is taking the limelight and has begun to be talked about even among the Serie A clubs thanks to the good technique and the irrepressible physique.

Purchased just in the summer for a couple of million from Palermo, the team with which he exploded in Serie C (13 goals in 27 appearances), Lucca started the new season in the cadet series with 6 goals and 1 assist in 7 appearances (he is currently only at the top of the scorer rankings).

Numbers not bad for a ‘boy’ tall 201 centimeters, so much so that someone seems to have already found a nickname for him: tower’. The Pisa’s tower. Dominator of the penalty area but with great qualities even with the ball at his feet, Lucca for physical and technical characteristics a little reminiscent of a certain Zlatan Ibrahimovic, symbol of AC Milan.

The Rossoneri club seems to have already set its sights on the young blue talent, thinking about the future perhaps to replace Ibrahimovic himself, who is 40 years old. From Pisa, however, they let people know to go calmly, the Tuscans want to enjoy the super moment of Lucca, which in the meantime has also found his first goal in the Under 21 of Italy.

A goal that could have been worth a precious success for the Azzurri, who have come back in time, after many failed occasions, by Sweden who thus defends the top of the Group F standings (+1 with one more match played). “There is a lot of regret for this result, we dominated the game and created many chances, it’s a pity that I conceded a stupid goal at the end. I’m happy to have unlocked myself also in the national team, there is still a bit of understanding with my team.mates, but continuing to work hard, I am sure that the results will be seen. We are a strong, competitive group, we must continue on this path “this is the comment of the attacker at the end of the match.

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