Manuel Neuer lost his wallet – gave a miserable reward to the taxi driver who found it

The soccer star did not give any money to the taxi driver who drove 120 kilometers to return his wallet.

Bayern Munich soccer star Manuel Neuerin action has angered a taxi driver in Germany, Sky Sport tells.

Neuer was traveling in a taxi a few weeks ago with a friend and when he arrived at his destination, he inadvertently left his wallet in the car. The wallet was found by the driver, who Sky Sport is calling by name Hazir S.

According to the driver, the wallet contained Neuer’s identity card, 800 euros in cash and two bank cards.

Hazir delivered the wallet to the German player’s manager and left him his contact information. He had to drive a total of 120 kilometers extra.

Two a week later, the driver received mail from Neuer, but the contents of the package were not quite what he expected. Neuer only sent him a jersey and not even a thank you note.

Spanish Marca magazine according to the Bayern star, next season’s salary will be a staggering 18 million euros, but the taxi driver did not receive a monetary finder’s reward.

“This reward is a joke! I have four children. I don’t do anything with the jersey,” Hazir said according to Sky Sport.

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