Bernd Schröder celebrates his 80th birthday: A life for Turbine Potsdam – Sport

This Friday marks Bernd Schröder’s retirement. The honorary president of Turbine Potsdam, who managed and coached the Potsdam football club for around 45 years until 2016, wants to spend his 80th birthday alone with his wife. He declares, “The cell phone will unquestionably be turned off.” Therefore, no one will be able to rely on Schröder’s knowledge to interpret the EM quarterfinal match between Germany and Austria on Thursday night.

Schröder, who was born in Lübeck in 1942 and oversaw the newly established women’s squad in Potsdam beginning in 1971, has undoubtedly followed the competition from afar. After all, I’ve worked with 14 or 15 players who are competing in the European Championship, so I’m watching the competition with great enthusiasm, says Schröder. There are four players on the German team who had previously played for Turbine: Svenja Huth, Sara Doorsoun, Felicitas Rauch, and backup goalkeeper Ann-Katrin Berger.

However, Schröder’s perspective extends beyond these friends. The celebrant monitors the progress of the sector with which he has been affiliated for fifty years. Women’s football has advanced significantly, according to Schröder. Particularly the French and English hosts have much advanced in professionalism. “The excitement you are seeing right now is incredible.”

Schröder advises against having unrealistic expectations.

He also cautions against having unrealistic expectations for the following steps in development. “In recent years, it has stalled in Denmark, Norway, and Switzerland. And here in Germany, we must put in a lot of effort. Recent years have seen a large number of child losses.

“We don’t need to hide at the top, but it will only be sustainable if it’s right across the board,” asserts Schröder, who has been honored by the DFB with an honorary award for his lifetime’s work in addition to the State and Federal Crosses of Merit for his achievements.

Schröder dislikes that recent news regarding his heart club has tended to be very unfavorable. “Here, a few awful things happened.” He’s talking about the resignation of President Rolf Kutzmutz, who was shocked by the decision to split with Coach Sofian Chahed. He would like the club to gain more recognition for his birthday.

The experience we have here, adds Schröder, “can hardly be topped.” He won 37 national and international championships with the help of the ladies and youngsters. Six times, during the GDR and after reunification, Turbine won the title of champion. He also won the DFB Cup three times, and twice with the Potsdam club, he took home the European Cup.

But from his perspective, it would be more logical to look forward. This applies to Schröder as well. I’d also like to use the quiet to plan for the upcoming few years.

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