Philadelphia recorded history tonight (Wednesday through Thursday), but not really the one she would like to be a partner in. The leader of the East surrendered at home 109: 106 to Atlanta, this after losing a gap of 26 points (!) And thus became the only team in the last 25 years that loses an 18+ advantage in two consecutive playoff games. After falling to 3: 2 in the series and they are a single loss distance from an earlier dismissal than expected, the Sixers are now evacuating to a mental account.

One of the big reasons for Philadelphia’s suffocation in the deciding minutes was the low percentage from the penalty line of the two stars of the team, Joel Ambed and Ben Simmons. The latter scored 4 of 14 shockingly, and the chin missed two shots of his own at the height of the drama of the final quarter. Note the following statistic: So far in the playoffs, the Australian Guard stands at 22 of 66 from the penalty line, making up just 33 per cent. Amazing.

“When he hits them, we leave him inside. When he does not, the exact opposite happens. It’s just as it sounds,” the losing coach commented. Doc Rivers To the horrible percentages of Simmons from the line. By the way, the Australian himself claims that this is a “mental matter”, so it will be interesting to see how he gets to game number six in the series, which will be held in Atlanta and may be his and his teammates’ last season.

Ben Simmons vs. Trey Young. What a breakup of the Australian | Tim Nwachukwu / Getty Images

After the incredible loss, the reactions on the net were not long in coming either. “One of the biggest breakdowns in Sixers history,” a frustrated fan tweeted. “This is probably the second worst loss in the club’s history. To drop such an advantage at home is disgraceful,” wrote Mike Missney, who owns a radio program in the city.

The figure that perhaps most indicates the collapse of ‘Philly’ is that in the entire second half, the only ones who scored field goals for the host were only two players, Joel Ambide and Seth Kerry. No one but them, including Tobias Harris who recorded a terrible game of his own (4 points on 18 percent from the field) was able to score points that were not scored from the penalty line. “Everyone deserves blame, but it’s no wonder Ambide and Kerry couldn’t close the game on their own. They didn’t get help, literally. It’s sickening,” tweeted Tyrone Johnson, who covers the team for NBC.

Doc Rivers | Rob Carr/Getty Images

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