Earthquake in Spain: The era of Sergio Ramos at Real Madrid is over. The club announced yesterday (Wednesday) that the 35-year-old Spanish stopper, who has suffered many injuries, will leave the team after 16 years. The parties did not reach an agreement on the extension of his contract. It now turns out that his wife also took a very bold step. Pilar Rubio, the 42-year-old Spanish TV presenter, was photographed naked and uploaded a taste to her Instagram account, which is followed by almost six million people.

“Excited to soon share with you these photos we took outside of Madrid, in nature, with our feet touching the water,” Ramos’ wife wrote. When she’s seven years older than him, and just less than a year ago gave birth to their fourth child, Pilar looks wow with a perfect cut and makes everyone around her drop jaws. She shared this post three days ago and yesterday when the footballer released the news of his departure, it was also his and his half year anniversary.

Therefore a post dedicated to her and wrote: “Time passes, but every day by your side is to relive that moment we shared two years ago. That we will not stop smiling, having fun, getting excited and kissing each other on the forehead to celebrate luck and life by your side. Happy wedding my love, I love you madly”.

At 13:30 Israel Ramos time will hold the press conference and explain why he decided to leave and maybe he will tell us where he is headed. We can no longer wait either!

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