Argentine fans have been recording audio and video messages since last Saturday in honor of Diego Maradona to be sent into space by a satellite called “Cosmic Kite”, a nickname given by a Uruguayan journalist to Maradona.

“We love you and we will always remember you,” Enrique Trincado, one of the late star’s estimators, said after recording his message at the Air Base de Morón, 40 kilometers west of Buenos Aires. This new generation and all generations to come! Hold on, Diego!”

The idea was born from the story of Uruguayan journalist Victor Hugo Morales after Maradona’s second goal against England (2-1) in the quarter-finals of the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.

“What planet are you from?” shouted the journalist into the radio microphone at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico as the Argentina captain, who died of a stroke in 2020, dribbled half of the English side before scoring a left-footed goal widely considered the “goal of the century.”

At the initiative of a private company, the fans’ videos and audios will be compressed onto a hard disk and then sent into orbit on a satellite, along with a pair of the former star’s soccer boots.

The messages will continue to be collected for months, and the date and location of the satellite launch will be determined later. Maximiliano Fernando Gallo, one of the founders of the Cosmic Kite project, said that messages from all over the world would be collected for this project.

It is noteworthy that Argentina and Maradona fans have a plane to honor Maradona with pictures and souvenirs in a traveling exhibition, and it will try to land in Qatar during the 2022 World Cup.

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